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Denver Criminal Attorney

What’s On Laurie’s Mind: Answering ‘How Do You Defend Someone You Know is Guilty?’

One question I get asked a lot is: How do you defend a person if you know that he/she is guilty? It’s my humble opinion that this is asking the wrong question. Criminal law is different than any other area of the law because it has the focus always on the prosecutor or government. This […]

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A Look Back & Forward on Our 4th Anniversary

As of April 2016, the Law Office of Laurie A. Schmidt is officially 4 years old! It’s been a tremendous time for us, and we are honored and privileged to have been able to help so many people though their family law or criminal defense issues. Looking back over the past four years, I can […]

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Colorado THC Laws

Know The Colorado THC Laws on Driving

We know that drinking and driving is dangerous. In Colorado, it is illegal to drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Traditionally, in a prosecution for driving under the influence of any drug the government had to show that the drug impacted a person’s ability to drive as he or she normally would. Recently, […]

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5 Must Know Steps After Being Arrested In Colorado

Being arrested in Colorado for a crime is a shocking event. Being arrested for a crime can leave bewildered, frustrated, and unsure. Many people have questions such as: What just happened?  What do I do now?  You may even be asking yourself, what did I do?  First thing first, you have been arrested for a […]

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DUI Attorney Denver

Denver DUI Penalties From Colorado DMV

Loss of License in DUI or DWAI alcohol cases If you are arrested for drinking and driving in Colorado you will face two separate actions. The first is through the criminal court and the second is through the Colorado DMV. Typically, DMV determines if you keep your licenses and if not, for how long it […]

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Cannabis DUI Colorado

Denver DUI Marijuana

Colorado DUI Marijuana Laws Marijuana is legal according to Colorado State law, so why was I arrested for Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana (DUI Marijuana)? Although it still against the law federally – Colorado State Law allows a person to posses and use marijuana if you are over the age of 21. If you […]

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Domestic Violence

Penalties for Domestic Violence Convictions

Possible Penalties For Domestic Violence Convictions Penalties for domestic violence convictions vary. Often times, being accused of a domestic violence crime is stressful, scary, and confusing. Everyone that you encounter in the court system and jail are uncaring as to your specific situation. Often times, the only question that you have is what is the […]

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NFL Domestic Violence Denver

NFL Domestic Violence In Colorado

NFL Domestic Violence Policy Considerations This post does not condone or explain the Ray Rice video or his actions as seen on that video.  We have domestic violence laws to prevent the type of violence that we saw in that video. This posts seeks to provide information regarding domestic violence charges in Colorado and some […]

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Arrested DUI Law Student

If You Are Stopped By Police – The Law Student Knows Series

If you are stopped by police, you need to know you rights and what you can and cannot do. Try to remain calm during the entire contact with officers. The calmer that you are the more reasonable you actions will be. Be polite to the officers. If you are cussing or screaming at officers you […]

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Denver Law Enforcement Contacts

Law enforcement contacts

This is part two of the three part series “The Law Student Knows – Now You Know Too.” Law enforcements ability to stop you is limited. An officer can only act within the protections of the Fourth Amendment. It protects you from unreasonable governmental contact, not all contact. To better understand your rights and how […]

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