Driving Under The Influence

    Felt ok to drive, but now you are facing a DUI?

    Felt ok to drive, but now you are facing a DUI?  The system can feel unfair and unfamiliar, especially when your opinion of your ability to drive seems to matter least.  You may feel that you did everything right, that you cooperated with the officers, jumped through their hoops and at the end were arrested and charged with DUI anyway.  You then appeared before a judge and a prosecutor that treat you as if you are already guilty…all of this can easily produce a trapped  feeling when trying to assert your innocence.

    A case does not end with your arrest, but starts there.  Together we will assess and recreate the contact with law enforcement to determine all possible defenses.  We’ll investigate into the officer’s training and ability to conduct field sobriety tests, the reliability of the tests, and the areas of the test that you may have passed, which is conveniently left out of most reports.   We take these steps with you to start to level the playing field for you.

    Some potential defenses to a DUI action, include, no driving (meaning you were not driving), drinking after driving, issues with the breath testing device, health related interference with a blood or breath test, insufficient proof of intoxication, or a biased police investigation. 

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    • We obtain all police reports, videos, supporting documents for any test results and analyze the entire case to determine areas where your case may break down.
    • We re-interview witnesses to determine context for the statement.
    • We work with you and necessary experts to provide the best possible presentation for your case.
    • We provide guidance on how to appear and conduct yourself in court for the best ruling in your favor.

    Possible Penalties

    OffenseRange of jail timeRange of finesPotential Community Service hours
    1st DWAI2 days to 180 days$200-$50024-48 hours
    1st DUI (BAC below .2)5 days to 1 year$600 – $1,00048-96 hours
    1st DUI (BAC at or above .2)10 days to 1 year$600 – $1,00048-96 hours
    DUI with a prior conviction10 days to 1 year$600 – $1,00048-120 hours
    DUI with two or more prior convictions60 days to 1 year$600 – $1,50048-120 hours
    4th DUI within a lifetimeClass 4 Felony, up to 8 years in prison

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