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We are a criminal defense firm that offers you a unique approach to your case: through the experience of a former prosecutor.  When you are facing criminal charges you need someone who will do more than just hold your hand – you need someone to pick apart the state’s case, line by line and give you a realistic view of your case and strategy.

In a system seemingly designed to chew you up and spit you out it, it may feel like you need a miracle.  We understand the challenges of the system and how to capture the entire story, putting everything in context to build your best defense.

Trust is critical in your relationship with your attorney… we work for you from day one to uncover every possible defense to get your case to GO AWAY.


Driving Under the Influence–  A DUI conviction remains on your record.  Find out what defense you may have before this becomes permanent.

Domestic Violence – Accused doesn’t mean that you’re destined to be convicted or guilty.  Find out how the cops may have got it wrong.

Theft– a theft conviction can exclude you from employment or obtaining state license.  Find out what rights you do have.

Sex Crimes– If accused, you may be wondering if there is any way to stay out of prison and maintain your life.  We’ve got the answers you need

Expungement –  Have an old case that you would like to seal or expunge?  Find out if your case is eligible

Stop googling and letting your mind create a criminal defense catastrophe. Contact us today to get reliable information!