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When I first set off to law school, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  I didn’t know if I’d like, if I’d be good at it, or even if I would pass.  I heard all of the horror stories of brilliant minds being driven to their limit and was oddly curious if I would be able to excel.  I still remember sitting in my very first class, being called on to answer a question, and then knocking it out of the park.  This is when I knew; I was in the right seat.

My love and enthusiasm for the law grew from there.  I started to present smaller cases to judges and juries.  You can feel when the perfect argument is being made and that is one of the best feelings for a trial lawyer.  Being able to make a difference in my client’s lives is why I do what I do.

To me, it is never about right or wrong, guilt or innocence, it is ensuring that our Constitutional safeguards remain in place, that the government is challenged so that our criminal justice system does not become common place or routine. We should never feel in criminal law that anyone is just checking a box.  Each case, each person, and each individual is unique and deserves that presentation.


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Laurie’s Credentials

Laurie Schmidt is a Denver criminal defense attorney, Ms. Schmidt has been practicing law for over 11 years, serving as Deputy District Attorney for the County of Riverside for over three years of those years. She has devoted the balance of her career to criminal defense.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Science from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln with a degree in Finance.  She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Whittier College School of Law in 2006 and was admitted to the California State Bar in 2007 and Colorado State Bar in 2012.

Ms. Schmidt is well-respected in the legal community by judges, prosecutors, and defense counsels.  Through her extensive experience, Ms. Schmidt has built-up a reputation of an aggressive and effective Denver defense attorney.

During her time as Deputy District Attorney for the County of Riverside, Ms. Schmidt has worked on various degrees of misdemeanor and felony cases involving a wide range of issues. Ms. Schmidt received training from the Department of Justice, Attorneys’ General Office, and Law Enforcement offices.  As a former insider, Ms. Schmidt knows how the criminal justice process works and will work to defend allegations of violations of Colorado criminal misconduct.

Ms. Schmidt is a member of the National College of DUI Defense, Colorado Criminal Defenses Bar and Colorado Bar Association and is admitted to both the Colorado Bar and California Bar (inactive status).

Ms. Schmidt has received numerous awards from prestigious law sites such as AVVO, LAW Q&A, and was nominated a rising star in Super Lawyers.

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