Mental Health and Developmental Disability

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Mental Health and Developmental Disability

    A developmental disability needs special care and shouldn’t seal your fate.

    If you are accused of a crime in which a mental health issue or a developmental disability is a controlling factor, we believe that your case should be treated differently.   After being arrested, it is easy to feel that the state is holding your mental illness against you.  While we know that a person acting outside of normal character due to a mental health issue is not more dangerous, we have found that many courts and prosecutors will be quick to jump to this very conclusion.  This makes the process and the system feel very unfair and prejudicial.  
    Together we can look at the aspects of the mental health issue or developmental disability that should be considered to educate the prosecutor and judge about your specific situation.  There is a bright line that will be drawn by the state after you are arrested, one person is the culprit and one is the victim.  We know better than to believe this made-up distinction and understand the mentality of the district attorney and its impressions based on these arbitrary labeling of the parties. 
    We believe that by working with you and simultaneously scrutinizing the allegations by the state, we will begin to develop your defense and combat the arbitrary labels placed on the parties.  We will work to show the context of the incident and present it to the judge to free up your energy to focus on you and your family.

    Cases involving mental health need special care and presentation due to a lack of education in the judicial system. We love these cases and welcome the challenge, so give us a call today! 

    • We work with you and your provider to determine issues associated with culpability, voluntariness, and deficient in understanding and empathy.
    • We guide you through the confusing process of the life of this court case.
    • We create a case map so that no small fact goes undiscovered or noticed.
    • All actions that we take together are to separate you and your case from the numerous other cases both the judge and prosecutor have seen. You are an individual and we work to show your unique situation clearly and accurately.

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