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Domestic Violence

    You may be starching your head trying to figure out how and why you have been accused of domestic violence.   Your accuser aka the other party, may have called the police because they wanted the cops just to “talk to you” “teach a lesson” or even as a threat.  Once this is in motion the state will not drop the case, even if the other party does not want the case prosecuted.

    The truth is that once the police are called, one person will automatically be labeled the villain and the other the victim.  This is often a knee-jerk decision that can have devastating consequences for you, your family, and job.  Which leads to the officers missing important details and lost evidence in your case.  This feels unfair and your first instinct is that you will be able to easily get the case dismissed by simply explaining your side of the story.   That will be a bad idea and most likely not result in a dismissal of the case because the state will assume that you are trying to get out of trouble.  Having the other party make a statement will likewise be looked at as unconvincing because the state will just assume the other party is just trying to get you out of trouble.  This may lead to feelings of hopelessness in that no matter what you do; no one will believe you and the state is going to label you as an abuser.

    When you find yourself in this conundrum call us.  We will work with you to engage in more productive activities that will work to tip the scales in your favor.  We first have to dissect the case to get down to what really happened and why.  The why is almost always as important as the what.  We need to work quickly to get your family back in a healthy relationship so that you can concentrate on living your life instead of defending it.

    There are several first steps that your criminal defense attorney may take on your behalf, such as adjusting protective orders, if warranted, to ensure that you are able to see and maintain a relationship with your children or the other party.

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