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A Look Back & Forward on Our 4th Anniversary

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Denver Defense Lawyer Laurie Schmidt reflects on the past & future on her Firm’s 4th Anniversary.
Denver Defense Lawyer Laurie Schmidt reflects on her Firm’s 4th Anniversary.

As of April 2016, the Law Office of Laurie A. Schmidt is officially 4 years old! It’s been a tremendous time for us, and we are honored and privileged to have been able to help so many people though their family law or criminal defense issues.

Looking back over the past four years, I can see myself starting this venture after leaving the District Attorney’s Office. I was resolute that I would change the way attorneys practice law; this firm was not going to be a stuffy old-school firm. I wanted to build the practice to focus on the client and result and not have to answer to “the man.”

What I found is that I have gotten a lot of personal satisfaction out of seeing my clients through some very difficult times in their lives. When I decided to become a duel division firm, focusing only on two areas of law, family and criminal, I did so because of the natural intersection between these two areas of law.  For example, both criminal defense and family law utilize the same evidence code when presenting information to the court. Both involve issues that are not black and white but fall within the gray.

I look forward to continuing to help people realize the best possible outcomes from their criminal and family legal issues. And I also look forward to sharing more legal news, information and insights via this monthly email in 2016 and beyond.