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How much trouble (aka jail time) you are in depends on what severity of crime you are facing.  As you read through the various levels of charges, remember that these are the range for a particular type of crime.  If you are eligible for probation you may not face any jail time.  Don’t sit and worry about what may happen, call us today for a realistic review of possible conviction based on our experience with similar situated cases.


Colorado divides cases in to four categories, Felonies, Misdemeanors, Petty Offenses, and  Ordinance Violations.  Felonies are the most severe offenses with petty offenses and ordinance violations the least severe offenses.

FELONY: Most serious state court charge.  A “CR” – if your case number has a CR in it you are being charged with a felony.  There are 6 classification of felonies in Colorado.  The highest is a felony one, the lowest is a felony 6.  All felonies have the potential to have a prison sentence imposed if there is a conviction or a guilty plea.

Misdemeanor: M or T – if your case number has a M or T, you are most likely being charged with a state court misdemeanor.  The maximum possible jail time is up to two years in the county jail (not prison, but still not where you want to be!)

Petty Offense: These are generally punishable by a fine only or a limited amount of time (less than six months) in jail.

Municipal Court: GS or L or J – if your case number has a GS, L, or J you are most likely being charged with a municipal code ordinance violation.  These generally carry the threat of up to one year in jail. Depending on your circumstance, most convictions in municipal court are sealable after a period of time.

Any crime or criminal conviction can have collateral effects in your life. Some convictions can jeopardize your job, your ability to travel, or where you can live.   When facing charges of any level, it is easy to fail to act and feel stuck… let us break down the case for you and give you concrete answers.