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What’s On Laurie’s Mind: Answering ‘How Do You Defend Someone You Know is Guilty?’

One question I get asked a lot is: How do you defend a person if you know that he/she is guilty? It’s my humble opinion that this is asking the wrong question. Criminal law is different than any other area of the law because it has the focus always on the prosecutor or government. This […]

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Changes to Felony Theft Laws In Colorado

What is considered felony theft charges in Colorado? Felony Theft, sometimes called felony grand theft in Colorado is typically defined by the amount of the property or money involved and is found in C.R.S. 18-4-401.  If the amount allegedly to have been taken is over $2,000, than you may be charged with felony theft or […]

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It’s a First Offense Shoplifting- What Happens if I Get Caught Shoplifting in Colorado?

I got caught shoplifting, what will happen to me? Shoplifting, even a first offense, is charged as a theft offense in Colorado, even if you gave the merchandise back.  Giving the items back does not mean that you cannot be charged or even convicted of shoplifting.  It could mean that you would not have to […]

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