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Domestic Violence

Penalties for Domestic Violence Convictions

Possible Penalties For Domestic Violence Convictions Penalties for domestic violence convictions vary. Often times, being accused of a domestic violence crime is stressful, scary, and confusing. Everyone that you encounter in the court system and jail are uncaring as to your specific situation. Often times, the only question that you have is what is the […]

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NFL Domestic Violence Denver

NFL Domestic Violence In Colorado

NFL Domestic Violence Policy Considerations This post does not condone or explain the Ray Rice video or his actions as seen on that video.  We have domestic violence laws to prevent the type of violence that we saw in that video. This posts seeks to provide information regarding domestic violence charges in Colorado and some […]

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Domestic Violence Arrest and Charges in Colorado

Some common defense to domestic violence charges in Colorado You may think that just because the cops came out and eventually arrested you for a domestic violence related charge that you may not have any defenses available.  After all, the cops came out, took statements, arrested you , and took you to jail.   The cops […]

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Arrested for Denver domestic Violence – vital information you must know

Denver domestic violence- before you do anything; read this! Here are a list of FOUR IMPORTANT POINTS that you must know after being arrested for Denver domestic violence crime.  After an arrest for Denver Domestic Violence charge, you are probably in shock, scared, and worried.  What will happen to you and your family, will you […]

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Arrested For Domestic Violence – what happens next?

After you have been arrested for a domestic violence related charge, you may not know what is the procedure or how to defend the charges.  This post seeks to talk about what happens after an arrest for domestic violence in Colorado.  Click the link for more information on domestic violence laws. Immediately after a domestic […]

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Domestic Violence Laws in Colorado

 About Domestic Violence Laws in Colorado In Colorado domestic violence laws are very broad and can encompass a wide range of behavior.   A finding that your conduct was a result of domestic violence could have severe consequences in your life, relationship, career, and family.  This post is to give you information on some very common domestic […]

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Can I Have the Domestic Violence Charges Dropped

I don’t want the case to be prosecuted – why won’t DA drop the domestic violence charges? Commonly, this question comes up in domestic violence charges or a theft from a family member prosecution.   After a loved one is arrested; regardless of the validity of the charges, family members tend to want to avoid getting […]

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