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Have You or A Loved One Been Charged With A DUI or DWAI and Are Wondering What Now? 

A DUI or DWAI could be the first dealings that you have with the criminal justice system.  A Westminster DUI attorney can help guide you through a confusing, overpowering, and at times frustrating criminal court process. You face personal and professional consequences to a DUI or DWAI conviction; which could be occupying your entire mind.  This post addresses some common questions that you may have.  To review your specific incident, contact a Westminster DUI lawyer.  You can contact the Law Offices of Laurie A. Schmidt by clicking here or call (303) 747-4686 for a free confidential consultation.

What Is The Court Process?

Typically there are two distinct actions, the court action and the DMV administrative action.   For the criminal court you most likely received a date to appear a few months into the future.  For Westminster and Arvada DUI/DWAI cases, it would most likely be the Jefferson County Court, but it may also be Adams County Court.  This is called the arraignment.  At this proceeding, you will get to hear the formal charges against and can enter a plea of either guilty of not guilty. You have a right to have your Westminster DUI lawyer with you at this hearing.  If you do not have a Westminster DUI attorney, you may request a continuance of the arraignment from the court.

After the arraignment, you would have pre-trail conferences and motion hearing dates.  A jury trial date, approximately six months out would be provided to you.  As each hearing invokes different legal and constitutional issues, having a Westminster DUI lawyer on your side is an invaluable asset.

Concurrently with criminal charges, the DMV will most likely initiate an administrative proceeding.  You need representation by a Westminster DUI attorney because this hearing is separate from the criminal charges.  Time is of the essence; typically you only have a certain amount of time post-arrest to request a hearing with DMV.  If no request is made, DMV may suspend your license, even without a hearing.  Protect your rights and ensure that you are defending yourself against all of the allegations, hire a Westminster DUI attorney.

A criminal defense attorney who practices DUI defense will answer your questions, explain the law, and help guide you through the criminal court process. A Westminster DUI attorney will also address your specific concerns and apprehensions.  You can contact a DUI Lawyer by clicking here for a free consultation or call (303) 747-4686. 

I’ve been charged – will I be found guilty? Can A Westminster DUI Attorney help?

DUI arrests, laws, and your rights are complicated; you need Westminster DUI lawyer to explain your rights, options, and prepare a defense.  Remember, our laws have a presumption of innocence.  This means you are legally presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.  It’s the prosecutor’s burden to prove you guilty, not yours to prove your innocence.  You and your Westminster DUI attorney can review the evidence against you and prepare a defense, based on your unique incident.  The prosecutor’s have gone to law school, received training in criminal prosecution; you need a Westminster DUI attorney on your side that will aggressively fight for you.

Will I have to go to jail?

The short answer is, it depends.  For a first offense of DUI or DWAI with a BAC under .2, you may be able to avoid additional jail time.  For general information on minimum and mandatory DUI penalties, please click here.  There are serious consequences to DUI convictions, both professionally and personally. Due to the complexity in the laws, a Westminster DUI attorney can explain the laws, potential penalties, and affirmative defenses.  Its better to ask then rely on misinformation.

Thank you for visiting our DUI Westminster post.  Please contact us directly at (303) 747-4686 or click here a free confidential consultation with a criminal defense attorney who practices DUI defense.