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Help! I got a DUI/DWAI, Can I talk to An Arvada DUI Attorney?

After a DUI arrest or law enforcement contact, you probably have many questions.  Being accused of DUI is an unexpected event that you are not prepared for.  Yes! Many criminal defense attorneys who practice DUI law will talk to you about your case.  You need to find a Arvada DUI attorney that you feel comfortable with and can trust.  Consulting an Arvada DUI lawyer can answer many of the questions that you may have regarding the criminal court process, the arrest, and the impact a conviction may have on your personal and/or professional life.

A DUI / DWAI charge requires the prosecution to prove beyond a reasonable doubt all elements of the crime.  Onc element could be your Blood Alcohol Concentrate or BAC at the time of driving.  This is a highly scientific area of the law that requires foundational information as well as proof that all procedures were followed and all machines in working order.   Refuting this scientific evidence is technical you and your Arvada DUI lawyer can go through the evidence together and form a defense.

In addition to the court procedure, Colorado DMV would most likely start administrative procedures against you.  The DMV can suspend your license without a hearing and without a conviction in the criminal courts.  An Arvada DUI attorney could represent you in both the criminal and DMV action.  For the DMV, you must request a hearing within a specific amount of time.  If you do not, DMV will act on its own accord.  Don’t delay, assert your rights; consult an Arvada DUI lawyer to defend you in both the criminal and DMV actions.

What Is the Court Process Like? 

Typically, DUI / DWAI cases in Arvada or Westminster are filed in Jefferson County Court or Adams County Court.  The first court date set is called the Arraignment.  You have been provide this date most likely from a citation that the officer gave you.  You must appear at that date and time.  If you or your loved one remain in custody, a hearing will be set within a shorter time period.  You have a right to an attorney at that first hearing, be prepared with an Arvada DUI attorney.  The Arraignment is where the formal charges against you are read, your plea of guilty or not guilty is entered, and future court dates are set.

There are pretrial conferences, motion dates, and finally a jury trial date set.  You have a right to be brought to charges within six months of your Arraignment for a misdemeanor DUI.  Unless you waive that right, failure to do so, could implicates your speedy trial rights, if you think that your rights have been violated, contact an Arvada DUI attorney.

During the pretrial conference the District Attorney or prosecuting attorney may offer a plea deal or provide additional facts regarding their case.  You have a right to have a Arvada DUI lawyer present and speak for you at these hearings.  Anything that you say directly to the prosecutor or police could be used against you,  allow your Arvada DUI attorney to speak for you.

It is important and your right to have a criminal defense attorney represent your interest at all proceedings.  The prosecution has skilled attorneys who went to law school, even the playing field and hire an Arvada DUI lawyer.

The specific motions that are available depend on the facts and circumstances of your case.  These are typically heard prior to a jury trial and in some cases, could be dispositive of the case.  Some could be to allow evidence in and some could be to exclude the State’s evidence.  Consult an Arvada DUI attorney to further discuss potential exclusionary motions.

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