If I Missed a Court Date, Could I have Arrest Warrants in Colorado?

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 Could I have arrest Warrants in Colorado if I don’t appear at a court hearing?

Yes, if you fail to appear at any court date for any reason arrest warrants may be issued.  Depending on the severity of your case and the type of release you were on, you may have to spend significant time in jail during the pendency of your case.  Thus, if you receive ANY dates from an officer or court, pay close attention to those dates and times.

During the pendency of your case, there are two ways that you can be released, either on your personal recognizance or released on bond.   If you received and signed a citation from the officer you are promising to appear in court at the time and date noted on the citation.  This means you are being released on your personal recognizance until the first court date.  Failing to appear, could subject you to having arrest warrants issued. Your liberty or ability to remain out of custody while you fight your case may be in jeopardy as well.

Depending on the gravity of charges the court has the ability to issue a summons instead of arrest warrants in Colorado.  This means that you receive a summons to appear in court at a specific date and time.  Failing to appear could subject you to arrest warrants in Colorado.

How Can Arrest Warrants be Issued If I’m Released on Personal Recognizance?

Personal recognizance means that you promise to appear at each and every court hearing.  The court may set conditions for release on Personal Recognizance, for example if you are accused of DUI, the court may order you to refrain from consuming any alcohol as a condition of your release.  You must follow each condition.  If you fail to appear or do not follow the conditions set, a judge could issue arrest warrants or revoke your status of personal recognizance.   If your status is revoked, you may be required to post a bond or worse, be placed in custody until your case has been finalized.

In addition, you could face additional charges for failing to appear.  If you have missed a court date and believe that arrest warrants in Colorado have issued, contact a criminal defense attorney to review your best options.

If I am Released on Bond, Will I be Arrested?

If you were arrested and posted a bond there may be conditions placed upon the bond.  You must adhere to each and every condition.  If you do not follow the terms of the bond or fail to appear at any court date, it could result in your bond being revoked and arrests warrants issued.

Generally, if you are released on bond, you may leave the jurisdiction UNLESS ordered otherwise.  If as a condition of the bond, you are not allowed to travel; then you may not travel.  Even if you leave the jurisdiction, you MUST come back for all court dates and hearings.  Failing to do so could result in a revocation of bond and arrest warrants issued.  You also subject yourself to additional charges for failing to appear in court.

If you missed a court date and arrest warrants issued; contact a criminal defense attorney in your area.  You may be able to minimize the amount of jail time that you could face.  Do not delay, if Colorado arrest warrants have been issued, it will not go away with time.

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