How much will a DUI cost me?

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What’s the cost of a Colorado DUI- $10,000.00

Can that be right?  $10,000.00 dollars? If you are facing DUI in Colorado stemming from alcohol, drugs, or both, you’ve might have asked yourself, how much is this going to cost me?  A Colorado DUI attorney knows if convicted, you face fines, fees, penalties, class fees, increased insurance costs, monitoring costs, potentially lost wages to jail time and/or community service.   This assumes that there was no accident that resulted in property damage and/or injuries to another.

Can these costs be minimized? The best response is it depends.  A Colorado DUI lawyer can review the specific facts of your case and talk about potential defenses that you may have.  For example, the officer must have a reason to pull you over.  It cannot be that it was late or that this is the time that people are generally drinking and driving.  The officer must be able to articulate a reason for pulling you over.  Commonly, equipment malfunction may be a valid reason for the stop.  Colorado DUI attorneys read hundreds of reports where the initial reason for the stop is unrelated to the driving.  Ensure that your brake lights, tail lights, and headlights are always in working order.  Ensure you registration is current and properly reflected on your license plate.

Colorado DUI laws have a per se limit for alcohol, what that means is if your blood alcohol level is above a certain amount, at the time of driving, you could be guilty, regardless of you driving pattern and regardless if you felt the effects of alcohol or not.  Colorado DUI lawyers may refer to this as the per se limit, which is a blood alcohol content of over a .08%.  If you blood alcohol content is over a .08%, you may still have defenses contact a criminal defense attorney who understands the science behind DUI charges.

Keep in mind that there could be additional penalties for revocation or suspicion of your license.  You may also be required to place an interlock device, at your cost, on your vehicle in order to get your license back. Criminal defense attorneys that regularly defend DUI’s will be able to explain the difference between DMV action and the court action.

Interlock is a device that you must blow into prior to the car starting.  Depending on the facts of your case, you may or may not be required to utilize the interlock.  Contacting a Colorado DUI attorney, who handles both the DMV and court action could explain potential penalties that you would face.

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