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Can A Lakewood DUI Attorney help me or a Loved One Accused of DUI/DWAI of Alcohol, Drugs or Both.

Lakewood DUI lawyers know that being arrest or accused of DUI or DWAI is not an automatic guilty outcome.  An officer need only probable cause to arrest a person for DUI or DWAI.  A conviction requires the prosecution to prove each and every element of the crime beyond a reasonable doubt.  When stopped by the officer(s), you most likely were asked a serious of questions, that can be used against you in a DUI trial.  In additional you may have preformed some field sobriety tests.  You need a Lakewood DUI attorney to dispute the officer’s accusations against you and refute the governments evidence.

Typically, DUI and DWAI cases begin with officers observing either a vehicle code violation or a driving pattern that they believe could be consistent with an impaired driver.  A Lakewood DUI attorney can evaluate  your traffic stop and provide an analysis as to the legality of the officers actions.  You most likely have several questions, Lakewood DUI attorneys can answer your questions, review the facts surrounding the charges, and provide an advisory opinion for your DUI case.

Each DUI/DWAI arrest is could involve different legal and constitutional issues.  You need to be prepared and be able to defend your rights, a criminal defense attorney that can aggressively attack DUI charges and protect your constitutional rights. A Lakewood DUI lawyer considers each DUI/DWAI case in light of the distinct set of circumstances and fact that they involve.  Each client’s concerns are unique and different.  A Lakewood DUI attorney will talk to you about your concerns and potential defenses.

Court hearings and procedures – I’ve never been before

Being accused of a crime is an unexpected event, it can be frustrating, terrifying, and overwhelming process.  Having a Lakewood DUI attorney with you and on your side is an invaluable tool in your DUI defense.  During the pendency of your case a Lakewood DUI attorney will represent your interest, protect your rights, and fight for your innocence.  DUI and DWAI cases are filed in the Jefferson County Court, if arrested in Lakewood.  If the arrest occurred in Lakewood, but your reside in Denver, it would still be filed in Jefferson County because if follows the arrest location, not your residence.

You may think that you have time to retain a Lakewood DUI lawyer; time is of the essence.  You most likely received a court date for the criminal complaint. An accusation of DUI or DWAI, you may have consequences through the Colorado DMV, separate and distinct from the criminal complaint.  The DMV will not automatically set a hearing date, it must be requested by you within a certain amount of time.  Do not wait, contact a Lakewood DUI attorney today.  If you do nothing, DMV will act on its own which could include a suspension of your Colorado driver’s license.  Hire a Lakewood DUI attorney to ensure your rights are protected.

Could I go to jail for DUI or DWAI?

If accused of DUI of alcohol, drugs, or both you face serious consequences.  These may include jail time, suspended license, alcohol/drug classes, fines, and fees.  Penalties and consequences vary depending on the specific case facts.  A Lakewood DUI attorney will explain the sentencing range and consequences you may face.   Due to the complexity in the laws, one of your best resources is a Lakewood DUI lawyer.   For general penalties for DUI, please see DUI Penalties.

Protect your rights and defend your innocence, contact a Lakewood DUI lawyer today.

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