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I was arrested for DUI in Aurora- do I need an Aurora DUI attorney

If you or a loved one ask if you need an Aurora DUI lawyer; then you probably do.  Each year there are a number of persons arrested for suspected DUI and DWAI.  In 2011, 27,314 persons were arrested in Colorado for Driving Under the Influence (DUI).[1]  The Aurora police department alone made over 1,500 of those DUI arrests in 2011.[2].  A criminal defense attorney can defend you or your loved one facing DUI or DWAI charges.

With the high number of arrests for DUI/DWAI in Aurora and the fact that Aurora has a DUI enforcement unit, you need a skilled criminal defense attorney to even the playing field.  Trying to navigate the system alone, with no experience is giving an unfair advantage to the government.  Dealing with the criminal justice system can be intimidating, frustrating, and overwhelming, hiring a DUI attorney Aurora can help you traverse a complicated system.

You must be prepared for what you are facing, an Aurora DUI lawyer can, review your case, potential defenses and other motions that may be available depending on the facts of your case.  An Aurora DUI attorney also speaks for you, so that the prosecutors cannot use what you say against you in a trial.

I’ve been charged with DUI, now what? 

Being accused of DUI or DWAI may be the first time you are being charged with committing a crime (other than a minor traffic infraction).  If you or a loved one are facing criminal charges an Aurora DUI attorney can help guide you through the criminal court process.  A DUI/DWAI arrest in Aurora may be filed in either Adams County Court or if arrested  in Aurora or Glendale in Arapahoe County Court.  Conncurrently with criminal charges, the DMV would most likely initiate administrative proceedings against you.  This is separate from the criminal charges, you need a Aurora DUI lawyer to handle both accusations.

Time is of the essence, typically you only have a number of days post-arrest to request a hearing with DMV.  The DMV will not automatically give you a hearing date like the criminal courts.  If no request is made, DMV will take the action that it sees fit, including suspending your license.  Ensure that your rights are protected and you are defending yourself against  all of the allegations, hire an Aurora DUI lawyer.

Criminal defense attorneys may offer free consultations.  An Aurora DUI attorney will answer your questions, explain the law, and help guide you through the criminal court process. A criminal defense attorney will also address your specific concerns and apprehensions.  You can contact an Aurora DUI Lawyer for a free consultation.

I’ve been charged – will I be found guilty? 

You are legally presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.  DUI arrests, laws, and your rights are complicated; you need an Aurora DUI lawyer to explain your rights, options, and prepare a defense.  You cannot rely on the police to protect your rights that is why you need an Aurora DUI attorney on your side who will aggressively fight for you.

Will I have to go to jail?

DUI convictions have serious consequences and mandatory terms, which very depending on the specific facts of each case.  Due to the complexity in the laws, an Aurora DUI attorney can explain the laws, potential penalties, and affirmative defenses.  Its better to ask then rely on misinformation.  For general penalties for DUI, please see DUI Penalties.

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[2] According to the 2011 Aurora Police Department Annual Public Safety Report