Denver DUI Attorney tells you how to avoid a DUI during Halloween

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Happy Halloween!

Number one way to avoid a DUI – don’t drink and drive, especially over a holiday!   There will be more cops on the street the next few days, especially at night.  Don’t let your mug shot be of you as a bumblebee!  Denver DUI enforcement and surrounding police agency’s are likely to step up DUI patrols; this could include sobriety DUI checkpoints.  If you are stopped after your Halloween festivities, here are some brief DUI reminders from Denver’s DUI attorney:

  1. Provide the officer with your license, insurance, and registration
  2. Do not drive if you do not have a properly licensed car and/or license –  an expired tag is a valid reason to be pulled over.  This can easily turn from a simple ticket to a Denver DUI.
  3. You do not have to admit that you drank any alcohol – don’t lie, but you do not have to tattle on yourself
  4. You do not have to take or complete any of the field sobriety tests or road tests
  5. You do not have to get out of your car, unless you are being arrested and the cop orders you out.
  6. You do not have to roll your window down-the officer is trying to determine if he can smell alcohol on you
  7. You do not have to look at the officer, he/she is conducting a test to determine if you may have drank alcohol to build a case to arrest you for DUI
  8. The officer does not have to read you your Miranda rights until you are arrested (they will not read you your rights until you in the car or at the station)
  9. You must submit to a blood or breath test IF you are arrested for Denver DUI.  Failure to do so may result in your license being revoked for one year.
  10. You do not have a right to talk to an attorney before you take a blood or breath test after an arrest

If you or a friend are arrested for Denver DUI – contact us immediately.  We offer free consultations and will take the time to break down your case and evaluate the evidence against you.  Contact us today:  (303) 747-4686 or simply click here.