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If you are charged with a domestic violence case, arrested for domestic violence, or heard you may have a warrant for your arrest about a domestic violence charges,


  1.  Don’t do anything until you are out of custody and have talk with a Domestic violence attorney.  Chances are pleading guilty to something either you did not do or that the government can’t prove is not helpful to you or your family.  There are too many consequences to a guilty plea that take time to consider.  For example more and more companies are firing anyone with a domestic violence conviction.  Lesson from this point:  Don’t let the prosecution or government attorney bully you into a “fair plea deal.”
  2. Asking for time to consider your options or get an attorney, will not be held against you.  The district attorney will not typically take away any plea deals and the judge will not be angry with you or be “harsher’ to you if you ask for an attorney.
  3. Do not make any statements to the District Attorney, City Prosecutor, Deputies, or Judge.  They are not there to help you and anything that you say will be twisted and used against you.  Let your attorney do the talking for you, that is one reason why you have hired the attorney.
  4. Do follow all court orders and directions.  There will be a CPO that is issued.  This is only for YOU.  The other party can contact you, can be mean to you, can treat you unfairly, but YOU prohibited by court order from responding or arguing with the other party.
  5. Do hire an attorney as soon as you possibly can.  Domestic violence charges in Colorado are vastly different from other charges.  Domestic violence charges and domestic violence cases are looked at differently by the courts, prosecutors, and potentially others that are not involved with your case.
  6. Understand that you will most likely have some restrictions to things that you otherwise would have been able to do.  Many courts prohibit weapon possession, alcohol and marijuana possession and use, locations restrictions, and potentially GPS monitoring, at your cost.  This is all before you enter a plea or are convicted of the charges.


Colorado punishment for a domestic violence conviction can include: incarceration in state correctional facilities (prison), county jail, probation, fines, fees, mandatory attendance of treatment programs and classes, prohibition against alcohol or marijuana consumption, community service hours, loss of gun rights (possibly permanently), and loss of ability to live with your family.  Due to the variation in charges in domestic violence cases, there can be many penalties that you may face.

On top of everything else, domestic violence charges do not just “happen.”  Domestic violence charges can result from stressful situations, sometime compounded by the use of alcohol and/or drugs.  Sometime the stresses are short-lived and sometimes they involve long-term issues that you may need to work out in therapy with the other party.  There is usually family tension that caused the incident that must be dealt with in addition to the stress of a criminal case.  A Denver domestic violence attorney can handle the legal aspects of a domestic violence charge and can set up and defend against an array of the behaviors and situations.

In Colorado, chances are if the police are called, someone or at time both parties may be arrested for a domestic violence charges.  Colorado laws for Domestic Violence are far-reaching and can encompass a range of conduct and relationships.  It is not just the stigma of being accused of a criminal charge and the embarrassment of having to appear before a judge.

This is your life, don’t take a chance, if you or someone you know are assumed of domestic violence charge, contact us toady to see how we can help you.  Complete our CONTACT FORM or call (303) 747-4686.