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Colorado Ignition Interlock devises

Ignition Interlock is a devise that is installed in each car that you drive to prohibit operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol.  Prior to starting the vehicle you are required to provide a breath sample, if elevated levels of alcohol is detected the car will not start.  As you drive with an interlock devise, you are required to provide random breath samples as well.

When is Ignition Interlock required?

Upon a conviction for DUI/DUI per se, you may qualify for early reinstatement of your driving privileges upon the use and installation of an approved interlock devise.  The Colorado DMV maintains a list of approved interlock venders.  The following chart shows the various suspension periods and early reinstatement options after a conviction for DUI or DUI per se.

Convicted OffenseSuspension PeriodEligible for Early ReinstatementIgnition Interlock requirements
1st Offense DUI/DUI per se 9 monthsAfter 30 days8 months
1st Offense DUI/DUI per se with BAC over 0.172 years
2nd Offense DUI/DUI per se1 yearAfter 1 year2 years
3rd Offense DUI/DUI per se2 yearsAfter 1 year2 years
Designated HTO1 yearAfter 1 year4 years
Refusal to provide blood/breath test1 yearAfter 1 year1 year










The Drivers Services Section of the DMV determines eligibility for early reinstatement with ignition interlock devises.  Qualifications for early reinstatement with interlock devises require the person to be a Colorado resident, have served the mandatory suspension time, and satisfied all reinstatement requirements (other than time).

Cost of Ignition Interlock Devises

The cost of maintaining the ignition interlock devise in your vehicle can vary.  The Colorado Department of Revenue- Division of Motor Vehicles estimates the average annual cost to range from $800.00 to $1,000.00 per year.

If you are a first time offender, you may qualify for assistance through the Department of Revenue for some of the costs of the ignition interlock devise.

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