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I’ve Been Arrested for DUI in Boulder, Should I Talk To a Boulder DUI Attorney?

DUI arrests are unexpected events; often this is the first contact that you or a loved one have with the criminal justice system.  It and should be dealt with immediately.  You need to find a Boulder DUI attorney that you can trust.  A Boulder DUI lawyer can answer many of the questions that you may have regarding the arrest, criminal court process, and potential impact a conviction may have on your personal and/or professional life.

Charges of DUI/DWAI of alcohol, drugs, or both involve complicated legal proceedings.  There is the criminal charge, to which you most likely received a court date for a few months in the future.  Simultaneous to the court action, the DMV can take administrative action, including suspending your license prior to you being found guilty on the criminal charges.  You can have a Boulder DUI attorney represent you and defend the accusations made by police officers at a DMV hearing.  You must request a hearing with the DMV within a specific amount of time after your arrest.  A hearing is not automatically set with DMV, it must be requested by you.  You must act quickly; consult a Boulder DUI lawyer to defend you in both the criminal and DMV actions.

Could I Go To Jail For DUI?

You or a loved one may be wondering if charged with a DUI in Boulder will you have to spend time in jail.  Typically, on a first offense DUI without a collision and with a BAC of less than .20 jail time may be avoided, consult a Boulder DUI lawyer for additional information   However, you may face community service hours, program, fines, fees, and license revocation or restrictions.  A Boulder DUI attorney would be able to review the specific facts of your case and provide an analysis of potential minimum and maximum punishments for your charges.  Click here for general information on DUI penalties in Colorado.

Can I Fight the Charges for DUI?

Yes, absolutely.  Our criminal justice system presumes each person accused of criminal misconduct is guilty until proven innocent.  Criminal defense attorneys known that the State, not the accused, must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.  Criminal charges are fought in exclusionary motions and jury trials.  A Boulder DUI attorney can review your specific facts and illuminate defects and deficiencies in the officer’s DUI investigation.

In 2011, 27,314 persons were arrested in Colorado for Driving Under the Influence (DUI).[1]  This high number means that the prosecutor may have substantial experience in this type of crime.  You need to be prepared and be able to defend your rights.  You need a Boulder DUI attorney that knows the law and knows your rights and will fight to aggressively defend the charges against you.

If I Fight the Charges, What is the Process?

 Typically, after an arrest for DUI in Boulder, Colorado, you will have a future court date.  This is often referred to as the Arraignment.  This is the time to enter your plea, either guilty or not guilty, you and your Boulder DUI attorney would attend the hearings together.  A second hearing is set, either a plea and sentencing or a case management conference.  At either of these hearings, the prosecution may make an offer to you or talk about the case.  If you have a Boulder DUI lawyer, the prosecution can only talk to your Boulder DUI attorney.   It is important to have a criminal defense attorney represent your interest at all proceedings.  If you talk to the prosecutor directly, anything you say could be used against you during a trial.

After the case management conference, a jury trial date and motions date are set.  This will be your Boulder DUI lawyer gearing up your defense.  The specific motions that are available are dependent on the facts and circumstances of your case.  Some could be to allow evidence in and some could be to exclude the State’s evidence.  You and your Boulder DUI attorney would be able to further discuss it.

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[1] According Federal Bureau of Investigation, “Crime in the United States: 2011